Painted Plank Supply Co.

Hello, welcome to Painted Plank Supply Co. 

The Painted Plank Supply Co is a is a family owned and operated business located in Broomfield, CO. We provide quality wholesale unfinished door hangers, custom home décor, kids projects and more to small business owners across the United States. 

We also own & operate Planks & Paint DIY Workshop.  You can shop our public website by visiting

​​How to become a Wholesale customer with us?

Step 1 – Please email us your store name, email, address, phone number & a copy of your sales tax license to

Step 2 - Wait for approval via email. 3-5 business days.

Step 3  – Return to this page, create an account, and Shop 😊

We do not have a minimum wholesale purchase requirement at this time. To keep your Membership status active you must order $150 per year. 

When you order or book any goods or services through Painted Plank Supply Co you ARE agreeing to our terms and conditions. Found HERE. ​

 Have a creative day!