Whiskey Rocks (Set of 13 - Mix) - Whiskey Rocks/Wine Stones/Coffee Stones

Whiskey Rocks by SPARQ give a new meaning to “on the rocks.” Serve top-shelf liquor in way that gives guests a chill. Made from recycled soapstone, this modern-day version of the ice cube cools any small volume drink without the melted water. Simply freeze and pop them into whiskey, scotch, liquor and even wine. These sophisticated rocks chill the drink without diluting the taste.

Coffee or tea losing it's heat too quickly? Pop one or two rocks into the microwave, drop them in your mug, and enjoy your heated drink for longer.

Our rocks won't scratch your barware either - our cubes have no sharp edges.

The larger stones in this set chill your drink about 25 degrees (using 2 stones). The smaller stones in this set chill your drink about 12 degrees (using 3 stones). The smaller stones are good for smaller glasses. Results vary depending on volume and starting room temperature.

Our Whiskey Rocks are made by SPARQ USA in Colorado by the guys who know soapstone and understand its amazing qualities. These handy little rock cubes are eco-friendly, not only because they are reusable, but because they are manufactured with soapstone from factory excess.

Soapstone is the only non-porous, odorless, tasteless, and a natural food-safe stone used in the home. Due to the high density of the material, soapstone retains temperature better than stones like granite or marble, so you can expect a sustained chill or heat.

Soapstone is non-reactive to most common household cleaners and is dishwasher safe.


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